Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mistakes at the Masters: 4 Over

1. Tiger did not drop in accordance with the rules on Hole #15. Whether he knew that is irrelevant but I think he did not realize it but would have known if he had stopped to think. Tiger 1 Over in Mistakes

2. The Masters Committee hurriedly looked at the drop while Tiger was on the 18th. They incorrectly determined that his drop was in "close proximity" to the original place from which he played. Committee 1 Over in Mistakes.

3. The Masters Committee looked again after Tiger had signed his scorecard and explained his drop. The Committee determined Tiger had not followed the rule on drops, acknowledged they were wrong in their original decision, and levied a 2 shot penalty for Tiger. Acknowledgement of mistake leaves the Masters Committee 1 Over in Mistakes.

4. Tiger accepted that decision. No change. Still Tiger 1 Over in Mistakes

5. The Masters Committee addressed the DQ possibility for signing an incorrect scorecard. The Committee, using a High Definition TV rule, decided that they could waive the DQ. The High Def TV rule is not applicable here. The issue is whether or not the Committee is responsible for advising players if they do not follow the rules. If so, then a rules official should be present on ALL shots. They were present with Guan. They were following Guan in person and informed him in person. They were NOT following Tiger in person. They did not communicate with Tiger on the golf course before he signed his score card. Is that their responsibility now? And is the High Def TV rule to be used to undo Committee mistakes? I do not think that is why the rule was added. Masters Committee 2 Over in Mistakes

6. Apparently Tiger will accept a wrong decision by the Committee. If so Tiger will be 2 Over in Mistakes

Total for two days: 4 Over for Mistakes (2 by the Committee, 2 by Tiger).

Correct Decisions:
1. The penalty for slow play for Guan. Masters Committee got this correct.
2. Guan accepted the penalty. 1 Correct for Guan.

Not a good day for the Masters. Not a good day for Tiger.