Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Claiming to Be Tech Literate

79% of my students this semester claim that they are already "tech literate." I did not explain what I meant by that term and you can view my various musings about that elsewhere on this blog, in my TechLiterateTeacher wiki, and on my class blog.

Bill Genereux @billgx tweeted me and asked "Of those that claim to be tech literate already, how many have blogs?"

An interesting question. Of the 102 respondents that think (at the start of the class) that they are already "technologically literate", here are some things they have done. Of course several of them are repeating this course and would have done some of these things but not well enough to pass the course.
Blogged 41%
Participate in podcast or videocast 18% (could all be EDM310 repeats since no podcasts that I know of in other classes)
Chat (text only, audio only, or video) 84%
Used Skype 41%
Made a movie on a computer 20% (again many EDM310 repeaters)
Have uploaded movie to computer 31%

These figures are higher than I thought. But combined they are not how I would define tech literacy. I'll add additional links to where I am musing about this later. This is a quick response for Bill, but he has lit a fire under me to think more about these things.

One bad thing about Google Forms is that you have to use a workaround to publish results. I have not done that yet. And I still have 6-8 students that have not taken the survey yet (Late starting class and then miss MLK Day).

More later.


  1. 41% bloggers seems higher than I would expect. Now I wonder how many blog on their own without external (in-class) incentive? Most of my students would say they have blogs, but most are not "bloggers" in the strictest sense because they created the blog to satisfy a class assignment and aren't really doing it to participate in the read/write web.

    Interesting stuff here.

  2. One key to keeping the web "alive" ie: keeping the blogger posting regularly and responding to other blogs, is the encouragement of people like John Strange. Thank you for encouraging read/write web interaction!
    BTW...I am feeling guilty for not posting regularly these past few months, so you just encouraged me to get on that! (nothing wrong with a little "external motivation", Billgx?)
    IMO twiiter is an absolute necessity to keeping the blog world live because of the links that reach our PLNs. Lately, I have been communicating locally through email and facebook, PLCs in our school building and district, consumed by the demands/requirements of a teacher in an elementary school... and have not made time to reach out to "the larger world" for ideas and important for an educator. Thank you for the reminder!