Friday, October 22, 2010

Think About This!

Graph showing Apple sales 2005-2010
Change - It is Vital - In Business and Education

Think about this:
60% of Apple's sales are from products that did not exist three years ago!
Source: Asymco

Think about this:
Do you still believe that schools and the roles of educators can remain the same?


  1. Hi Dr. Strange. I am in your EDM310 class. I have been assigned to comment on your blog, by you. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) You can visit my blog at

    Apple's Sales:
    That is astonishing! But that is reassuring. It reassures us that we are vastly adapting to a world of technology. I wouldn't have thought that the percentage would have been that high, but I am glad it is. It kind of makes you wonder what will be on the market 3 years from now. I am so eager to find out!

    Can schools and the roles of educators remain the same?
    I do not think that they can. It is blatant that times are changing. As a society, in order to exist, we must change with the world. We must adapt. I am a student that continued my education immediately after high school. I can already see a difference in the schools and the educators. Unfortunately, not all the educators have changed, but we must start some where, and a few is better than none. I noticed that construction was going on in my high school during my senior year. They were creating a lab, where students could take classes that were not offered at our high school. In fact, they sat in a room and watched a teacher else where in the world conducting lessons.
    This is proof for both aspects of your question. First, schools are beginning to adopt technology.Second, educators must acquaint themselves with technology, for multiple reasons. First off, they must be comfortable, as well as knowledgeable, with using a computer to broadcast their lessons, as well as know how to use a camera. Secondly, since you are responsible for getting knowledge across to a student elsewhere in the world, you must be able to communicate with them, and interactively converse via the internet.
    It would be utterly sad if teachers do not move away from the traditional way of teaching. I think it would not only condemn the potential of their students' future, but their professional future, as well.

  2. Dr. Strange,

    I came across the quote:

    "You can always tell a person's intelligence by what they talk about. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."

    I immediately thought of you. You are one of those great minds, and I'm glad to be learning under you.